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, Grande Ecole" specialized in process engineering, under the supervision of Professor Jean-José Orteu and Dr. Igor Jovancevic. Currently, he is working at Institut Clément Ader, 2016.

J. , Grande Ecole" specialized in process engineering. He carries out his research work in the Institut Clément Ader Laboratory (200 people). For more than 15 years, he has developed computer vision-based solutions for 3-D measurements in experimental mechanics (photomechanics) and for a few years he is more specifically, Grande Ecole, 1987.

, Grande Ecole" specialized in process engineering, under the supervision of Professor Jean-José Orteu and Dr, Igor Jovancevic graduated with a mathematics degree (specialty in computer science) from the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics at the University of Montenegro in 2008. He graduated from joint Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Computer Vision and Robotics

, Benoit Dolives graduated with a master's degree (specialty in robotics and computer science) from University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse in 2010. He has spent 7 years working on camera localization and 3-D reconstruction for autonomous rover exploration and UAV. He is currently working at Diotasoft, Toulouse, as a research engineer focusing on robotics and computer vision applications on the problems of inspection and manufacturing process monitoring