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Presentation of the research and training center

The industrial engineering center (CGI). is one of the three training and research centres of IMT Mines Albi, it is focused in the kinetics of organisations for the further development of methods and decision-making tools in heterogeneous, collaborative and uncertain contexts. Created in 1996, the CGI proposes an approach based on the representation, modelling, analysis and knowledge capitalisation of organisations. The specificity of the CGI is to combine a range of scientific expertise rarely found together, at the border between Industrial Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. The unit's work is structured around four scientific disciplines which are :

  • data science
  • model engineering
  • knowledge-based engineering
  • operational research

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Modélisation Metamodel Model transformation Performance measurement Discrete event simulation DDMRP Decision support systems Monitoring Maintenance Organizations Product configuration Gestion de crise Information Information systems Supply Chain Decision Support Systems Knowledge-based system Modelling Ontologie Innovation Business Process Management Planification Event logs Complex Event Processing Performance Optimization Robustness Uncertainty Transportation Interoperability Risk Management Process model Artificial intelligence Risque Business process management Supply chain management Model-driven engineering Meta-modeling Logistics Humanitarian supply chain Knowledge management Système d'information Bidding process Coordination Constraint satisfaction problem Decision support Collaboration Supply Chain Management BPRIM Design Resilience Crisis Projet Evolutionary algorithm ADOxx Project management Ontologies Decision Information system Incertitude Planning Crisis Management Process Mining Decision Support System Complex event processing Collaborative process Risk Process Supply chain risk management Optimisation Physical Internet Aide à la décision Risk management Diagnosis Ingénierie dirigée par les modèles Sustainability Framework Social Media Model driven engineering Supply chain Mediation Process mining Crisis management Supply chains Agility Decision support system Robustesse Big Data Taxonomy Decision making Collaborative network Opportunity Ontology Simulation Service-oriented architecture Modeling Process configuration Configuration Physics Adaptation